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Marketing strategija


We understand the peculiarities of different markets, customers, and processes, enabling us to get a quick insight and find practical solutions to make you emerge from the marketing game as a winner. We have taken part in the reorganisation of numerous companies’ marketing departments, helped develop and launch different brands in the Adriatic region, most of which still successfully compete with global giants today.

Go to market marketing strategies

Have you been thinking about entering new markets, but you do not know how to best go about it?

Are you already following in the footsteps of successful exporters, but you are still not achieving the kind of results they are?

You certainly cannot afford to relocate your best employees abroad as you need them in your home market. Sila & Modic Consulting, together with its expert contract staff, can help you do the following:

  • develop an international marketing function and integrate it optimally into your organization (B2B or B2C companies),
  • select countries,
  • identify potential,
  • develop and position products and services,
  • develop and launch new brands,
  • manage brands following your rules and requirements,
  • manage your relations with marketing agencies (from initial talks and negotiations to a briefing, contract conclusion, and project execution control),
  • evaluate results and formulate recommendations on ways to improve outcomes.
Branding - Znamčenje


Brands are often a company’s greatest asset. The managers who recognize this fact know how to develop brands wisely and maximize their value for their owners.

For consumers, a brand represents a promise of reliability, often lacking in these unstable times. Despite a decline in brand loyalty, which has been ascribed to a reduction in purchasing power and a change in purchasing habits, renowned brands continue to be winners on the marketing battlefield. Let your brand be one of them.

We help you define brand foundations, brand portfolio, brand architecture and provide strategic guidance.

Communication strategies

You have an idea, a product or a service that you do not know how to market. What to do to make it a success? How to avoid mistakes that prevent the majority of ideas to survive the first years of their existence?

We at Sila & Modic Consulting can help you in your path to achieving your goals.


Apart from brands, employees, particularly the younger ones, are a company’s greatest asset. Their development in tune with the requirements of their organization is an investment that allows a company to keep its competitive edge in the future.

Unfortunately, everyday work, goals to be reached and surpassed, and countless other duties often get in the way of a proper development of a company’s most talented staff.

Our experience and years of mentoring young colleagues and a first-hand help can speed up this process.

Marketing outsourcing

Workshops and education

Has it ever happened to you that you almost sold the solution, but the client suddenly changed their mind?

Has there been a time when you deserved a victory, but in the end, somebody else won?

Have you created a perfect project, but your business partner failed to recognize that?

A weak and unprofessional presentation can undermine the best project, offer, or solution.

Sila & Modic Consulting can help you develop and deliver a winning presentation. We can give you the essential dos and don’ts to say the right things in the right way at the right time. Before the big moment, we can run a rehearsal to give you final instructions and recommendations. We also provide adjustments to the on-line presentation!

Our experience includes over 100 lectures and workshops and over 850 presentations of different sorts in several languages. We can organize few-hour workshops in advanced presentation skills.

We are here for you:

Iztok Sila

Founder and marketing consultant

Iztok Sila

Founder and marketing consultant

Barbara Modic

Marketing, Media and Sustainability consultant

Barbara Modic

Marketing, Media and Sustainability consultant