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We monitor trends, evaluate the work of media agencies, propose strategies and tactics

We now offer these services in a cooperation with the international network, STARS.

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Medijska strategija


In today’s increasingly complex media environment, advertisers recognize the need for expert media auditors to help them:

  • find the right media partners,
  • find the right media agencies,
  • evaluate and monitor agencies’ delivery and
  • advise clients on media strategies.

Barbara Modic has been working in the media and media agency side for 20 years and knows the media business from both angles.

She has been a deputy sales director of the biggest TV station in Slovenia and a managing director of two renowned media buying agencies in the Adriatic region.

Barbara has taken part in more than 200 media pitches in the area. As an independent media auditor, she has managed several media pitches for international clients in several markets.

Media auditing

Media pitch management

We lead the whole process, from proposing the short list of invited agencies, preparation of the pitch documentation with all templates, to the final evaluation of the received proposal and fact-based recommendation of the winning agency.

Contract compliance management

Frequently asked questions of our clients:

  • Is my media contract still relevant in today’s market?
  • What is the industry standard? 

We track the delivery of the agreed KPIs, both cost and quality-wise.

Media buying negotiations and consulting

Negotiations with media for media buying conditions

If you don’t have a media buying agency or do not want to organize a media pitch, we can negotiate you deals with the media.

Advising on media strategy and tactics

The media landscape changes quickly, and companies frequently ask for advice on different topics:

  • How effective is our media pricing?
  • What is the right media mix for a particular budget and goal?
  • What are the suitable media and budget weights?
  • Which KPI’s should be followed?


We organize workshops with interesting topics such as:

  • Dos and don’ts of the media pitch process.
  • How to define relevant media KPIs?
  • Media trends. 
We are here for you:

Iztok Sila

Founder and marketing consultant

Iztok Sila

Founder and marketing consultant

Barbara Modic

Marketing, Media and Sustainability consultant

Barbara Modic

Marketing, Media and Sustainability consultant