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Sustainability means different things to different players. ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria are becoming a norm of choosing a business partner.

It is the last call for individuals, companies, and countries to act sustainably. What does it mean? It means to craft a business strategy so that business grows while making the least possible negative effect on the environment and people.

While today’s demand for sustainable development comes from different stakeholders, it has the capacity to reduce risks and generate increased profit through innovation and stakeholders’ engagement.

Barbara Modic is certified for Sustainability management and corporate social responsibility from London Business School. She holds a valuable network of experts from different fields of sustainability who can help navigate your sustainability journey.

Consulting on sustainability strategy

Companies have different needs. Some are already doing some SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) activities and want to connect the dots; others want to embed sustainability in their business strategy. The journey is never easy as time and resources are scarce, but it is worth it.

If you need a partner to support you on this journey, we are happy to help:

  • with frameworks,
  • prioritizing materiality issues,
  • setting KPIs or
  • developing your sustainability strategy.

How to set a sustainability team

Sustainability director, manager, or coordinator are profiles only more prominent companies can afford. Some companies decide to set up a sustainability team where each member covers a particular part of sustainability.

We are happy to help, if you need a partner:

  • to set your team,
  • define their roles and
  • facilitate them through the process.

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting for some companies is obligatory for some not. But it doesn’t matter; if you decide to report:

  • we can help you decide upon which standard to use,
  • how to prioritize issues on which to report,
  • how to conceptualize the report, etc.

Facilitating sustainability processes in the company

Companies find themselves at different stages of the sustainability journey, through which stakeholders need to be engaged. It is often more manageable if you outsource a consultant to communicate the most crucial sustainability issues with stakeholders and synchronize them.

Workshops and education

We organize workshops and education on materiality matrix development, steps of SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) reporting, set sustainable procurement, develop programs of corporate volunteering, etc.

We are here for you:

Iztok Sila

Founder and marketing consultant

Iztok Sila

Founder and marketing consultant

Barbara Modic

Marketing, Media and Sustainability consultant

Barbara Modic

Marketing, Media and Sustainability consultant